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A veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force, Professor Wes O’Donnell is a highly sought after presenter who has recently spoken at TEDx on Data Visualization and the US Air Force Academy on Leadership. He is noted for his fascinating, informative, dynamic and entertaining keynotes. Wes educates companies and government organizations on a number of topics ranging from emerging technology and big data visualization to veteran’s issues and leadership. But Wes’ best talks tend to center around his personal journey from poverty to distinguished entrepreneur and professor; a truly inspiring journey.

The Shared and Competing Interests of Space Coalitions

Infiltrating the politics of the national space policy are a variety of space advocacy coalitions that apply pressure on policymakers in many different directions.

Space Mission Profiles: IKONOS, a Commercial Earth Observation Satellite

IKONOS was a commercial Earth observation satellite that was launched in September 1999.  It operated for almost 16 years until its decommissioning in March 2015.

NASA Probes Are Expanding Our Knowledge of the Sun

The Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) consists of two identical spacecraft which NASA launched in 2006 into two different heliocentric orbits

Capturing an Image of The Great Hercules Star Cluster

Taken on the evening of September 10 this year, this week’s image features the Great Hercules Star Cluster.

Capturing Comet NEOWISE with the University’s Telescope

On March 27, 2020, NASA scientists saw a beautiful new comet: Comet NEOWISE. The comet is named for the Near-Earth Object Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer

AMU Reaches for the Stars with Space Summit

The inaugural Space Education and Strategic Applications (SESA) Conference, sponsored by American Military University, will be held at the historic Quaker Meetinghouse, 2111 Florida Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., on Friday, April 17, 2020.

The James Webb Space Telescope Is the Hubble Successor

I have written about the legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope and how it revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos.

The Economic Value of Continued US Space Exploration

Despite the enormous contributions that human space exploration has made in its short 60-year history, some critics still question the utility of and investment in space development.

PODCAST: The Future of Space Exploration

Will future space exploration be led by the government or the private sector? In this episode, Dr. Gary Deel talks to Dr. Dan Britt about the evolving role of private-sector companies like SpaceX in space exploration and space commerce.

SPLASHDOWN – NASA Astronauts Return Safely

Mission control to astronauts: 'Thank you for flying SpaceX' as NASA astronauts make first splashdown in 45 years.