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A veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force, Professor Wes O’Donnell is a highly sought after presenter who has recently spoken at TEDx on Data Visualization and the US Air Force Academy on Leadership. He is noted for his fascinating, informative, dynamic and entertaining keynotes. Wes educates companies and government organizations on a number of topics ranging from emerging technology and big data visualization to veteran’s issues and leadership. But Wes’ best talks tend to center around his personal journey from poverty to distinguished entrepreneur and professor; a truly inspiring journey.

Are You Ready to Live in Space?

Jeff Bezos’s Grandiose, But Completely Possible, Vision of Space Colonization

By Glynn Cosker
Contributor, In Space News

At a recent media event in Washington, D.C., Amazon founder Jeff Bezos revealed some more details about his new rocket company, Blue Origin, and revealed a prototype of a new lunar landing vehicle. However, that did not make the headlines – something else did.

Immortality, Space Travel and Einstein’s Time Dilation

Would immortality be worth it? Traveling centuries into the future via time dilation is that everyone you knew would obviously be long dead when you return.

AMU Alumna’s Career as Air Force Pilot, NASA Crew Member

The APUS chapter of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) recently hosted a presentation by AMU alumna Major Eleanor Morgan, who spoke about her background and professional career path. She also offered some advice to those in the audience who might be interested in pursuing a STEM  career.

Education, Space and Employment: The Expanding Frontiers

Last week at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colonel Kevin Kick, Dr. Nicole Drumhiller and Dr. Michelle Watts were on a mission to gather feedback on what leaders in academia, industry and the military want to see in education.

First-Ever Image of a Black Hole Released to Public

Since the idea of a region of space in which nothing can escape, even light, was first postulated by Einstein’s general relativity, it remained a mathematical concept.

Trump Calls for Updated Space-Based Anti-Missile System

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proposed a new Cold War initiative designed to protect the United States from a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. The anti-ballistic missile system was called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), but it quickly gained the nickname “Star Wars” after the popular science-fiction films.

Astronauts Conduct Spacewalk for International Space Station

Two astronauts performed NASA’s third spacewalk in as many weeks outside of the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday.

35th Annual Space Symposium Brings World Together Around One Unifying Issue

The 35th annual Space Symposium takes place in Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 8 through April 11, 2019.

Boeing 737 Max Makes Emergency Landing after FAA Grounding

In the wake of two fatal airline crashes in less than five months involving Boeing’s modern 737 Max (8 and 9) airplanes —which were the emerging workhorse for major airline fleets worldwide—pilots transporting one such plane were forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday afternoon.

Two Americans to Make First All-Female NASA Spacewalk

On July 17, 1984, during her second space mission, cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya of the Soviet Union became the first woman to perform a spacewalk.