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EDL Challenges with India’s Mangalyaan-2 Mission – Part II

The NASA Spirit and Opportunity rovers landed on Mars in 2004. They used a unique entry, descent, and landing (EDL) sequence that allowed for safe landing on the red planet. First, the rovers were encapsulated by heat shields that protected them from the heat of aerodynamic drag in the initial entry into the Martian atmosphere.

Space Agency Profiles: India’s IRSO Is Noteworthy (Part V)

The Real Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life (Part IV)

In the first article in this series, I discussed the Drake Equation and its suggestion that intelligent life could exist elsewhere the Milky Way galaxy. In the second article, I examined the Fermi Paradox, which implies that the lack of extraterrestrial contact at this point in the galaxy’s evolution cannot be reconciled with what we should expect to see according to Drake.

Space Agency Profiles: India’s IRSO Is Noteworthy (Part V)